I am a portrait/still life photographer. The search for the perfect light, the perfect styling as well as the right kind of emotional balance is always a great challenge to me. Photography is like making a puzzle , once I have found the right pieces I just have to put them together. Portraying somebody is an adventure I experience together with the one in front of my camera. If not, it is just not right for me. You both have to be touched by one another in some way.  In my Photography I am always searching for the vulnerability of the chosen subject and make them feel comfortable and strong being vulnerable.

I work with daylight so I am often confronted with long exposure times, which allows me to work really slow and it often asks  a lot of the patience and time of my models. I love it when they seem to forget that they are actually being photographed.

I often work with dead animals. They are so beautiful and also so confronting. How can something which is dead also be beautiful?

I like to play with themes like death and life, the imperfection and perfection, beauty and ugliness and for example confront the viewer with looking at death and still think it is beautiful and experience a certain kind of happiness.

 After Graduating from the Rietveld Academy I started working as a portrait photographer for several magazines and clients such as Quote, Harper's Bazaar NL, Dazed&Confused, Kessels&Kramer, Vrij Nederland, Avenue, Ruby Tuesday, Philomijn Bags, Mannish & NRC.

Please contact me if there are any questions or if you are interested to work with me. 


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