DIANA MONKHORST works as a full-time artist with photography as her medium. She graduated from the Rietveld Academy with a specialty in portraiture. From an initial love of portraits, her interests have turned more and more toward still life, but the approach remains the same. Diana works to get as close as possible to the essence of the chosen subject. In her photography she deliberately uses dark backgrounds, creating similar effects as the old masters; namely, the chosen subject is made visible in all its naked beauty. As for the choice of flowers, they serve as a comforting reminder, a reassurance, that throughout the ages and despite wars, natural disasters and the rapidly changing world, something stays constant. Flowers have been gratefully used in art since time immemorial. Herein for Diana lies the wondrous power of nature. The wondrous power of Diana’s art is twofold: on the one hand, it conveys beauty and strength and nudges us to think deeply; on the other hand, it effortlessly brings happiness to anyone who looks at it.

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